New York City Elevator Violation Removal Services

North American Elevator Inc

Violation Removal Made Easy

Unfortunately in New York City, violations are hard to avoid. Whether it’s from a squeaking elevator or tenants complaining, your elevator can be slapped with a nasty violation. Our aim at North American Elevator is to make the removal process quick and easy. Don’t worry about intimidating paperwork and inspectors coming to your building, we’ll take care of that for you. We’ve been helping dozens of NYC buildings for years get back on-board with the NYCDOB

If a violation was issued because of a faulty elevator, we can also provide our elevator repair services

The Process

1. Submit Violation

The first step is to email a copy of your violation. Or FAX 908-523-0722

2. Proposal and Agreement

After we receive your violation the next step is to agree on a proposal / contract. This is when we will consult with you and walk you through the necessary steps to complete the removal.

3. Complete Work

Once the engagement has been signed we will work immediately to gather the necessary resources to begin the removal in a timely fashion.

4. File Report to NYCDOB

After we've finalized our work, the next step is to issue a report to the NYCDOB. Once this is complete your violation will be completely removed!

Remove your elevator violation today