North American Elevator Inc

New York Full-Service Elevator Repair

North American Elevator Inc has been providing New York City buildings with top performing elevator repair services. From fixing old freight elevators, large commercial elevators, all the way to residential elevators. We take pride in removing that, “out of service” time so that your building can always be at top performance.
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Fixing Violations

If you're elevator was slapped with a nasty violation from the city because of a malfunction, we can make sure your building is back on track with the NYCDOB. Learn more about our violation removal services.

24/7 Service

Don't worry about giving us a call in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day. Our trained support staff are here to help you any time of day, everyday of the year.


If your elevator is seriously broken, our team of specialists can provide on-site replacement of various systems. From the hoist, to the pistons of the elevator, we know our stuff and got your building covered!

Integrated Project Management

Whether your project consistent of a freight, single passenger, or commercial elevator our team of experts will work quickly to finish your project. You can rest assured that you project will be finished on time.