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North American Elevator Inc is a privately owned full-service elevator company based in, the heart of New York City, Midtown. Founded in 2004, North American Elevator has worked on some of the largest elevator projects including building the Hudson Yards, to working with companies like U-Haul and installing 36,000 lbs elevators.
Elevator Company in NYC

One of the Best Elevator Companies in NYC

Looking for Elevator Company in NYC? Why not choose one of the best for your building’s elevator needs. From repairs, to installation, to violation removal, we’ve been serving the New York City community for over two decades. 

What does an elevator company do?

An elevator company works with property managers of small to large buildings. The company itself is responsible for repairing, upgrading, removing violations, and constructing new elevators for that specific building. These companies play a huge role in urban areas such as New York City, where skyscrapers and industrial buildings require high performing elevators.

North American Elevator's Solution

The deadline is approaching quickly, and before you know it you will be just a few months before your elevators MUST be upgraded or you’ll face large fines from the city. 

To prevent this, we have have a dedicated team that will work quickly and efficiently to install the necessary circuitry and monitoring systems so that you avoid these potential fines.   

24 Hour Elevator NYC Support Service

To keep up with the demand for perfect customer service, especially in New York City, North American Elevator is always one phone call away to help you resolve your issue! Whether it’s in the middle of a busy day, or at 2 am on a Saturday night we’re always here for you!

Elevator Repair

Broken or damaged elevator? Our elevator repair mechanics quickly to make sure your elevator gets back on track to top performance. Ger your elevator fixed today!

Violation Removal

We know mistakes are made, that's why our violation removal service will ensure your elevator is compliant with the NYCDOB so you can avoid large fines.

Construction and Installation

Need a new elevator? Our team of in-house designers and technicians can work with you to construct and install your new elevator, and even offer long-term maintenance.

Modernization and Design

Need to upgrade your existing elevator? Our in-house designers and engineers have been designing and upgrading elevators throughout NYC for over a decade.