About Us

North American Elevator is a privately owned, full service elevator company, providing a full range of elevator services as well as a full line of custom elevators. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Whether a 25,000 LB freight elevator or a single passenger elevator you can count on our outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

With offices in New Jersey and New York, we service a broad spectrum of elevators from 100 Year old freight elevators to 700 FPM Traction Elevators.

We could not perform this work without our talented dedicated men and women, who manage, service and install our elevators.

Our customers have built our reputation as “America’s Elevator Company™”. We install elevators around the country including Tampa FL, San Francisco CA, Phoenix AZ, Milwaukee, and Dallas TX.

Customer Care

The value of a business is communication, professional service and the means to get things done efficiently.

I can promise you that each of us at North American Elevator, make every effort to keep your elevators running smoothly and your elevator projects are on track.

What I value the most are the relationships we have made. Our company was built on our reputation and by your recommendations.

This is because of the caring and thoughtful personnel at North American Elevator. Please call for an elevator question or just to say hello.

Tommy Curran


Contact us today for your next elevator project! 1-866-274-8700 ~ info@northamericanelevator.com