Traction Elevators

(Use of cables and a machine)

6 Stops and Above

Traction elevators have evolved and North American Elevator evolves with them.

Today there are three types of traction elevators

Gearless Traction – Invented in the early 1900’s for the age skyscrapers

Speeds 400 FPM – 2000FPM (and above)

Stops – 2 to 100+

These are the most efficient machines the motor and hoist cable sheave share the same shaft

Advantage- slow RPM – long life (many machines in major cities are over 80 years old….. now that’s value

Geared Traction

Speeds – 50 FPM to 400 FPM

Stops – 2- 25 (typical)

This machine uses an external motor and gear box for hoisting the elevator

Installed in the Overhead or Basement

MRL Gearless   Going Green

(Permanent magnet motors)

Speeds 50-350 FPM

Stops – 2 -25

Power Savings up to 40%

Elevators are going green. Small gearless motors are mounted in the elevator shaft to conserve machine room space and power,

These motors typically save 40% power

(North American Elevator recommends these motors mounted in a machine room if possible room VS the elevator shaft for safe serviceability)
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