Hydraulic Elevators

For buildings 70 feet or less (8 stories), hydraulic elevators are an excellent choice. We offer many configurations. The Holed Elevator, which is the most common, involves drilling a hole the height of the building; for the Roped Hydraulic elevator, no drilling needed which makes it a perfect fit for the building with high water tables, and no access to drill. Looking for the ideal elevator for your two-story building? Take a look at our Twin Jack Holeless elevator – ideal for the two-story building, with easy access to the machine room and no drilling involved!

Our non-proprietary elevators are built by, Canton, Cemco, Vertical Express and Leistritz – meeting all of North American Elevator’s standards and specifications.

With control systems form MCE, Virginia Controls and CEC you are guaranteed superior reliability.

Choose from any of the hydraulic elevator models on the left and customize them to your buildings unique look and feel.

All of our pre-engineered hydraulic elevators offer a variety of options in wall panels, ceilings, finishes, handrails, front panels and metal finishes. Using these options you can easily create the look of a custom elevator. All of North American’s elevators satisfy the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the safety requirements of the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (ASME A17.1).


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