New Territory Announced

North American Elevator & Escalator now has Technicians in Atlantic City, NJ, Philadelphia, PA and surrounding counties. Our focus is on manageable-sized service routes. Our innovative program, “Guaranteed Performance™,” will elevate service to the standard owners and realtors demand.

There is no better asset than a satisfied tenant. Building management simply cannot afford to let its service suffer. Unhappy tenants will either move out or not pay rent, resulting in unhappy building managers and owners.

What is “Guaranteed performance™”?

Prompt Service - Answering service calls in a timely fashion

Managed Service Routes – Small routes so the technicians may provide personal service

Guaranteed Maintenance -
Once-a-month complete service

We at North American Elevator are committed to offering premier service rarely found in today’s economy. You will know your service technician personally. Our “Guaranteed performance™” will keep your elevators and escalators operating at peak performance and optimum safety.

Contact us today for your next elevator project! 1-866-274-8700 ~